Need Help on the CCSVI wikipedia page (urgent!)

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Need Help on the CCSVI wikipedia page (urgent!)

Post by alphons » Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:39 pm


I need your help on the CCSVI Wikipedia page. ... ufficiency

Is there anyone who can 'defend' this page against persons who want to delete information on this page. All things went okay, until 25th of November. The person WLU started to delete most of it. His remark was:

"if it is this new we shouldn't be emphasizing it so much; general changes, citation templates, removing problematic, way too much promotion of Zamboni for my taste"

I reverted the information twice already. But I'm from the Netherlands, so please get some English speaking people involved which can keep the information up to date.

WLU made another comment:

"CCSVI itself is a very novel diagnosis. Before a lengthy article can be written, it should be established that it is well-accepted, or at least has significant minority acceptance. Essentially, until that can be demonstrated, the article should remain quite short and be clearly indicated as prospective and novel. The problem with novel hypotheses is of course, the dearth of reliable sources."

He deleted more than half of it for the second time.

So, please get some people involved on this Wikipedia page, having a lot of experience in Wikipedia editing.


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Post by CureIous » Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:45 pm

Sounds like the junior varsity squad has arrived. Good grief talk about get a life. Don't know a thing about wiki stuff other than reading it but that is some kind of ridiculous. Any way us neophytes can help from the states here? I know we have some Wiki people on here I just never messed with posting anything there before... Scandalous.


Looks like the user WLU is definitely an armchair scholar, nothing more. One look at his wiki page tells all we need to know so perhaps we can report him for abuse, since his claims are wholly ridiculous and unfounded. One look at his history tells us all we need to know, he's a professional debunker. Seriously, anyone that feels compelled to countermand late night snake oil informercials... nuff said.

He's anti all quackery unless the FDA says it's good. You should see his history its unreal. Why he has such an um, "excitement" against CCSVI is beyond me, but suffice it to say dude seriously needs to get a life big time. ... on=history
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Post by jimmylegs » Sun Nov 29, 2009 7:03 pm

it's called an editing war, i think you can ask for mediation but you probably have to duke it out for a while first.

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