14 days on Doxy

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14 days on Doxy

Postby UWE59 » Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:32 pm

after 14 days on Doxy ( 7 days 2x50 mg, 7 days 2x100 mg) I progress in getting weaker and weaker. The problems startet with numbness in back and leg, 10 days before Doxy when I started 2x600 mg NAC.
In my 20 years MS-carreer /therefrom 8 yeras SPMS) its really dramatic now.
OK, for serveral days its very hot in our region, but I`m scary..

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Postby Notdoneyet » Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:42 pm

I'm surprised no one has replied to your message. Often when people are starting an antibiotic protocol, they experience a worsening of symptoms such as yours. I think it is usually recommended to keep backing off until symptoms disappear, then building slowly back up to 200mg/day, as it becomes possible. I hope you're already feeling better and this note is meaningless.


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