best method to detect Cpn?

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best method to detect Cpn?

Postby UWE59 » Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:05 am

I`m on Wheldon protocol since 6 weeks, but have not made a IgG or IgE of Cpn before, because I read that there is no sure metod of detection. So why doing it?

For MS, it is interesting to detect Cpn not only in blood, you must detect it in liquour as well.
Is this right, or is it sufficient to make a good blood-test of Cpn.

- Which kind of test you recommend?
Kind regards UWE
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Postby tsoft » Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:00 am

As far as i know there is no many test for Cpn for commercial use. In my country, and i think everywhere, there is only ELISA blood test fot Cpn.
This test finds only antibodies of three types - IgA, IgM and IgG. I'm not sure but thing that IgG is for old infection, IgM is for accute one, and not sure about IgA. So the others may more accurately explain you for the antibodies and the false negative results, but as i know the Cpn bacteria has three phases of development and the blood test can not detect the infection in all phases off.
Anyway, if you have possitive ELISA test you must be sure that you have chlamydia and must take measures.

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