One week of doxy...

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One week of doxy...

Postby jenf » Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:06 am

And athithomycian thrown in for good measure. That may have been premature though, as it completely knocked me off my feet. I had been feeling crappy since last Sunday (started Friday), and thought it may have been a fluke. I've been taking LDN since last year and that's really helped with some of the more difficult symptoms (nerve pain, fatigue), so feeling so incredibly awful for this past week has shown me that I am finally on the right track. And while I've received the "definite MS" diagnosis multiple times, I'm not so definite after all.

This may have been putting the cart before the horse, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Now, after carefully considering all the other infections (ie Lyme, co-infections, etc), I'm thinking this may not have been the best approach. I've made an appt with a LLMD, but it's not until November. Both my sister and daughter have been having neurological problems for the past few years. My sister started the testing process and just found out she has Lyme disease in her brain. All of us lived in an area where it was the norm, rather than the exception, to have been infected with Lyme at some point. Both have them have had it in the past... I just never considered it because I didn't remember being bitten by a tick. I guess I'll find out soon. In the meantime, I'll keep taking the Doxy.

I've been taking the probiotics religiously, and will add the charcoal and NAC as well as soon as I order them. Is there anything else I should be on?? Any info would be great!!

RRMS - dx 06/09
LDN - 4.5mg 06/09-present
Copaxone - 06/10-09/10
Avonex - 06/12-06/12

Late Stage Lyme - 12/10
Too many meds to list!!

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Postby SarahLonglands » Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:28 am

Jen, I'm glad you have been feeling dreadful! I did for the first two weeks of taking abx but after that I started to feel improvements. My diagnosis was definite secondary progressive MS and I don't doubt it at all: it just happened to be caused by chlamydia pneumoniae. I didn't believe this at all at first but my reactions showed otherwise. The lesions on my MRI looked frightening, but six months later they were far less pronounced plus there were no new ones. One year later not only were there still no new ones but some of the most recent ones had actually disappeared.

So to my mind it doesn't really matter if you have MS or lyme disease because these abx are able to cure it.

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