Bugs in AD even CPN

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Bugs in AD even CPN

Postby mrhodes40 » Tue Aug 30, 2005 11:38 am

This article on the Boston Cure points to bacteria in the brains of alzheimers patients...including CPn. http://www.bostoncure.org:8080/article. ... 29/1140239

It is interesting to note the article discusses some ways bugs adapt and are insidious as well as the trend in science to ignore their presence.It is pertinent to our discussion here in that is also the trend in MS.

quote: Balin: There is a presumption that the presence of infectious agents in tissues is not harmful if there is no obvious acute or reactive process. Any microbial invasion of the human central nervous system that results in acute, chronic, and/or permanent residence cannot be good. Of all the tissues in the body, one would expect the central nervous system, which controls our entire being, to be most "sterile." Ironically, the central nervous system is the one site in the body where infectious agents can persist over a long time because in this part of the body, they can evade immune surveillance by the body's defense system.

However, this begs the question of the brain's "internal immune surveillance" that is accomplished principally by microglia and astroglia. Chronic and/or persistent "turn-on" of these cells due to the presence of infection or products of infection would not be healthy for nerve cells. One could envision a tissue response by the brain that would result in chronic degenerative damage. A perfect analogy is tuberculosis in lung tissue in which chronic inflammation due to a persistent stimulus (i.e., mycobacterium or products of mycobacterium in the macrophages) results in granuloma formation, a focus of inflammation around damaged or dead, necrotic lung tissue. Could the well-circumscribed dense-core amyloid plaque be a comparable "granuloma" of the brain? end quote

This is a paper to elicit discussion among scientists. For those who like pure science it is an interesting contribution.

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