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Postby mrhodes40 » Thu Sep 29, 2005 4:35 pm

You know it might be interesting for people to document their efforts at physical therapy (physio in UK I think). One thing I saw here in the US is that we had a congressional hearing on stem cells .Two young women who had spinal cord injuries went out of country to get stem cell treatment, which was apparently successful as they could stand and modestly walk. Oddly, they felt the way the US let them down most was that once they came back here to get PT, there was no knowledge of HOW to get new nerves to function again. They spent hours trying to , say, flex a toe. They felt new money ought to be alloted to figure those things out so people getting these new treatements might benefit.

You are probably saying yeah but abx is not stem cells, Nope. But an area that has been "silent" (repeatedly attacked and now stopped remyelinating due to fatigue in the area) can be jump started by inducing inflammation in the area anew in rats. Does flagyl cause inflammation? I think it probably does, though whether that means PEOPLE have new progenitors or not is a question.
SO here's the have quiescent areas now they have been zapped with flagyl and new activity happens. Maybe a progenitor cell or a natural stem cell will go there and restart the area. Now you have to get what might potentially be a new nerve functioning again.

Sarah mentioned she uses a stepper I think in her painting area and does that every little while. What else do people do? As people begin to come back maybe it will be of interest to share the recovery stories from a standpoint of what made a difference to get stronger and what was a waste of time. I know a friend who stalled in her recovery using LDN (it worked for her) and she got moving again with aggressive PT and a pulsed electromagnetic field device. ( Interesting!

I notice I walk better the very day I work out. I read that the spine itself has some transmitters that when not used tend to diminish and not be there when you need them. But use the nerves, the supply is replenished and the nerve functions better. A good reason to work out! The nerves actually work better so you walk better. A self fullfilling cycle. Anyway, maybe on regimens Or should there be a new thread maybe this one for recovery strategies that work or not. No sense all of us repeating the wheel!
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