A proper Introduction

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A proper Introduction

Postby Pringle » Thu Oct 06, 2005 1:05 am

I've started on doxcycline after contacting David Wheldon. :D

1998 i was admitted to hospital with retrobulbar neuritis and spastic weakness.I was told they thought I had MS, however MRI scans were normal.I was discharged from first Neuro going from MS to ME.

I got a second opinion with an MS Specialist who said he thought it was MS but rare not to show lesions.I do show optic atrophy on MRI.As early as 2000 I noticed I felt better after taking certain antibiotics,less fatigue could walk further and I could think straight.I even said to one Neuro in 2001 I would like to try minocycline if it came on trial in the UK as I always felt I had an infection.

My symptoms increased with severe spasms and spasticity,taking high doses of Baclofen and diazepam,some days could hardly walk around the house.I was given a brace crutches and use a wheelchair outdoors.

Ms Specialist was talking about aggressive therapy,but once again my brain MRI came back normal.Anyway he discharged me in August saying they just haven't identified whatever it is yet.He did suggest to my GP trying 3 to 6 months antibiotics for prolonged benefit.

As I have permanant visual loss in left eye,weakness and spasticity,my right foot had contracted inwards with spasms and my mobility deterioated so much I decided with my GP I just couldn't carry on without trying antibiotics.

It's something I have noticed for a while and seems to help my stiffness and spasms

My Gp told me to stop the doxycycline as he had to put me on a 10 day course of amoxycillin.I've now started again on the doxycyline again and keeping my fingers crossed that I will benefit from it.
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Postby SarahLonglands » Thu Oct 06, 2005 5:40 am

Hello Pringle,

You need to take something like azithromycin as well as the doxycycline, to avoid the danger of developing resistance. You need to take these for at least six months, preferably longer: http://www.davidwheldon.co.uk/ms-treatment.html

Doxycycline 200mg once daily with plenty of water.
Roxithromycin 150mg twice daily or Azithromycin 250mg three times a week.
These are maintained without a break for at least six months.

Two or three months into the treatment regimen, or when the patient is experiencing few problems with reactions, three-weekly cycles of intermittent oral Metronidazole are added. During the first cycle metronidazole is given only for the first day. If problems with reactions are found, the period of administration is kept short. When metronidazole is well tolerated the period of administration in each cycle is increased to five days.

The dosage of metronidazole is 400mg three times a day. If it is suspected that a patient may have a heavy chlamydial load a smaller daily dose may be given.

The eventual aim is to give all three agents intermittently so that the patient has a respite from antibiotics. This, the final leg of treatment, may entail a 14 day course of doxycycline and roxithromycin, with a five day course of metronidazole in the middle. This course is given once a month. After several months the intervals between the antibiotics may be cautiously extended.

You can also take amoxicillin at the same time.

At Vanderbilt University they use amoxicillin in addition to doxycycline and whatever else. You also need to read up on the adjuncts, which are very important, not just an optional extra! I would advise you to either get your GP to contact David or at the very least print out the information on the above link to show her/him. Unless, of course, you are local and your GP has already been in touch! 8)

The very best of luck with this, anyway.

Sarah :)
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