does a dmd work if you have cpn?

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does a dmd work if you have cpn?

Postby avsig » Thu Aug 15, 2013 6:43 pm

Hi everybody,

I posted this in the gernal discussion area and was told maybe some folks would be more likely to read my question here.

I have been reading with great interest about the folks using the abx protocol and I cannot find the answer to my question here or on the CPN site. I know that many people have been on both abx and another therapy jointly. My question is, was there ever a time when that other therapy actually worked for your MS? I have rrms and was considering asking my doc about the abx protocol. I do know that when I was first diagnosed, and I started rebif, my bladder symptoms got better really fast. And the tingling in my legs also disappeared. Would this suggest to anyone that if I responded to the rebif, then I wouldn't have cpn?

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Re: does a dmd work if you have cpn?

Postby SarahLonglands » Fri Aug 16, 2013 7:52 am

No, DMDs work for people if they have RRMS, but it can still turn progressive. The theory is that MS is started in he first place by a pathogen and many people believe the pathogen to be C pn. Others believe it to be EBV. I had progressive MS and I had a C pn infection. I took the relevant antibiotics and my MS stopped: I regained the use of my paralyzed right arm and of my formerly bright brain. I have had no new MS symptoms since starting, ten years ago. I finished antibiotics in 2007.

If by your doctor you mean your neurologist, there is very little chance that he will support abx and your GP will usually tend to follow the neurologist's opinion. Sometimes, though, they are more adventurous: especially if you give them this site to read:, or maybe the pdf file on the site.
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