New to the antibiotic theory..sorta

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New to the antibiotic theory..sorta

Postby wbowen » Sun Oct 15, 2006 12:24 pm

I had heard of the theories of mycoplasma, Cpn, etc being a cause for MS. but to be honest I had kind of blown it off because I figured it it was true there would be more talk about it...internet searches (Google) have only led me to info from way back in 1999 with the doc at Vanderbilt (siriam?). I actually go to Dr. Moses at the MS clinic at Vandy and he has never even mentioned antibiotic treatment...I just wondered about any current links to Dr. S? research findings.

Thanks, Wendy
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Antibiotic protocol sites

Postby mormiles » Sun Oct 15, 2006 3:41 pm

Hi Wendy, There are two websites that you will find very helpful for learning more current information on combined antibiotic protocols:
and CPn (to which this site prevents direct linkage for some mysterious reason)

It's not surprising that there is another neurologist at Vanderbilt who is not treating MS in the same way as Dr. Sriram. Professional disagreements and jealousies transcend successful treatment records. Also, the MS center may deem it to be in their best interest that there are varying treatments going on there. By the way, you will find Dr. Sriram mentioned here and there on CPn See you over there, Cypriane
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Postby SarahLonglands » Mon Oct 16, 2006 3:39 am

Also, Wendy, the last paper published by Ram Sriram was only last year: Its on page three of this very forum.

There are several neurologists at Vandy and they have to keep an open mind about various treatments.

Cypriane, I think you can link to http://www.CPn The name gets changed but it ends up in the same place. Its because of complaints by some people. :wink:

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