Skin lesions with CAP?

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Skin lesions with CAP?

Postby Smilingface » Sun Aug 12, 2007 6:10 am

Has anyone noticed an increase in skin lesions like warts since they have been on antibiotics?
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Postby sojourner » Sun Aug 12, 2007 8:18 am

Hi Smiley,

Interestingly enough both my husband and youngest daughter noticed an outbreak in warts towards the beginning of abx treatment. My husband on his hands and my daughter on both hands and feet.

These subsided (over a few weeks) and haven't returned at all.

Skin issues have been some of the most interesting things of note with treatment. Fungus (that should have gotten worse, not better on abx) disappeared, a rash on the back of both my oldest daughter's arms is clearing with abx treatment. This rash had been looked at by several docs and no one could ever explain it or treat it.

A reocurring rash on our youngest daughter's torso is gone for good (pretty sure). Strange red stretchmark like streaks have appeared and disappeared on both husband and daughter.

There must be something to all of this..........I guess you are just one more for the data group through keen observation.
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Postby SarahLonglands » Sun Aug 12, 2007 9:45 am

Not warts, but I did get a red, lupus like butterfly rash over my nose and cheekbones at one point and my right arm (the useless one)was noticeable more red than the left for up to a year in diminishing levels and, strangely enough, quite a few Campbell de Morgan spots on the same arm, which are still there, but since the blend in with my freckles are not terribly worrisome.

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