Amoxicillin, Steriod Treatment, which one helped?

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Amoxicillin, Steriod Treatment, which one helped?

Postby savagek » Fri Sep 07, 2007 5:49 pm


As I am not sure what to think or which one helped me, please read my story and let me know any thoughts or experiences!

I have been diagnosed with MS 6/12/07, but also have a Lyme Literate doctor to rule out Lyme Disease. I will get my results on 9/10/07. I am on imoxicillin 2000 mg a day for 30 days, started on 8/23/07 due to a bad sinus infection. On 8/31/07 I noticed a big decrease in my lhermittes symptoms (shocking when bending neck) which is huge for me. The only other treatment I have had since being diagnosed with MS was IV Steriod treatment on 6/13/07, 6/14/07, 6/15/07, and then 7/2 and 8/2, I am no longer on IV Steroid treatment. No real change in my symptoms throughout all of this except on 8/31/07 after 9 days of antibiotics. I am not sure if this is from the IV steroid treatment or antibiotics.


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Postby MacKintosh » Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:05 pm

Rob, Steroids will lessen the inflammation (and inflammation will heighten all your MS symptoms), but antibiotics will kill chlamydia pneumoniae bacteria, which is at the root of the MS. If you are killing the cause, the MS symptoms will lessen and eventually stop.

I did a course of intravenous and oral steroids when I was first diagnosed and it did little to lessen my MS symptoms, which were out of control. Within ten days of starting antibiotics, the symptoms came to a screeching halt.
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Postby Dovechick » Fri Sep 07, 2007 11:35 pm

The beneficial effects of steroids last about 10 days in my experience... after that during an aggressive relapse the original problem recurs, at least this was my daughter Ella's experience. She had four courses of Steroids during her last relapse and 10 days after the first two the inexorable downward spiral was in full operation again. It was only when we started the antibiotic protocol that the downward trend stopped and from that point on the steroids did help to reduce the inflammation, but until her Cpn load was reduced sufficiently to stop causing new damage the steroids would only work for ten days. That was 18 months ago, from being practically paralysed in March 2006 she is now planning a parachute jump for charity on September the 15th.

It was because I noticed a slowing down of the MS symptoms at the beginning of her last relapse when she was taking antibiotics for a bladder infection that I started searching for a link between MS and antibiotics and came across Dr Wheldon's protocol and CPn
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