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ABC News Primetime Medical Mystery Spot

Postby Karl » Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:05 am

Hello all and we send our best. In the past, I posted about a TV special we were interviewed for that was supposed to initially air in January. The spot is ABC News Primetime Medical Mystery titled - Chronic Lyme Disease as it pertains to ALS and MSi.

Delays, delays and delays and it is already fall. My last update from the producer, as of 9/6/07, is the executive producer is waiting for the proper moment and feels summer is a slow season so they are waiting for the new season. The producer, the host and everyone in house loves the special and are anxious to see it air but were hoping for this summer. An air date is checked on weekly and I will be notified as soon as the producer knows. I will then re-post for those who may be interested in hopes to help anyone on any level.

Yes, the spot details Lyme Disease yet we introduced the CPN information/protocol and discussed this as CPN is the base cause of my MS and then the treatment. (CPN past and present infection, then Lyme and Babesiosis : co-infectious MS.) Hopefully, ABC included it. The CPN protocol is where we started and has always been the base of my treatment. If I didn't use this protocol as the base, I wouldn't be where as healthy as I am today but still dealing with the extreme fight. My simple example is this - I've been out of work due to the MS for almost 1.5 years and I will be getting back to work by the first of the year, still continuing treatment for the required course, but back to leading a normal life.

For further detail, my story is under Patient Stories. (Karl's treatment....) I do intend to update where I left off as soon as possible to complete the story (have to find the time) and will also keep up down the road as I expect my 23+ lesions will tell the final story.

Best wishes and regards to all,
Karl and Alyson

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Diag. MS 5/4/06. 23 + lesions on brain/spinal cord. Tested positive for CPN (respiratory infection), Lyme, Babesiosis (tick born malaria like) 10 months later, I'm 95% better-getting back to normal. Uncommon Inner Strength Must Defy Gravity.
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Postby gwa » Thu Sep 13, 2007 9:04 am

Keep us posted about the date. I would like to watch the program.

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Postby Dovechick » Fri Sep 14, 2007 12:59 am

Hi Karl, It is so frustrating to be waiting for so long for something to happen, especially when it is so close to your heart. Good on you for keeping the pot boiling or at least simmering. I'm looking forward to the day when it finally happens, although being in the UK I'm not sure I will be able to see it, but I'm sure I'll hear lots about it.
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