CPn in all MS patients

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CPn in all MS patients

Postby gwa » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:49 am

Robbie had asked some questions about whether all people with MS had CPn. I thought he had some good questions and had hoped that you would see his post and reply to him.

Since you did not respond, I believe that you did not see the thread. So I am going to ask you if David believes that all MS patients have this bacteria as the initial cause of the disease, or if some of us just don't have it and therefore do not respond to the abx protocol.

Also, if we do not feel better or worse on the therapy, is that a clue that we do not have CPn? I have been taking Doxy and Azit now for over 3 months and cannot tell any difference in my health, either good or bad. It is like I am taking nothing.

I will start the Flagyl after the 18th of December, which is the day I will have some minor surgery done. Didn't want to take it before the surgery in case I have some problems that would make it necessary to postpone the appointment.

So, if we take all three meds and still have no noticeable differences, does that indicate that we do not have CPn? I am concerned about no difference because so many of the people taking the abx's have noted feeling sick or they have their symptoms temporarily worsen.

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Postby SarahLonglands » Thu Dec 13, 2007 4:56 pm

Sorry gwa and Robbie, presuming you are asking me, no, I didn't see the question.

Nearly everyone is bound to come across the pathogen in the course of their life. The research at Vanderbilt is based on the theory that Cpn is at the root of most cases of MS. You can't say all, obviously, in the same way that EBV or whatever else can be claimed to be the root.

David thinks, as you can see on his website, that MS is a multifactorial disease, but with Cpn at the base. I know many people on starting treatment have noted feeling sick or a temporary worsening of their condition, but by no means all: they are just the more vociferous ones. I quite honestly don't really remember how I felt because I was so loopy and just slept most of the first few weeks, but I never experienced any pain before starting either. I had very low titres, most presumably being hiding away in my brain tissue. Other people go through agonies.

If you can't tell any difference in your health, it shows you have not got any worse, which is good. Of course, you might not have felt any difference in that timescale, unlike me, who by that stage was getting worse by the day.

I hope your surgery goes well, but it is a good idea never to do a pulse just beforehand, despite that with my first time I felt nothing apart from a little disconnectedness.

After what was posted on the BBC this week, I would think that even if you had no infection, taking doxycycline is a good thing because of the immunomodulaton: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7136088.stm

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