what treatments or strategies do you think complement abx?

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what treatments or strategies do you think complement abx?

Postby g123 » Sun Apr 13, 2008 9:37 am

From another thread:

notasperfectasyou wrote:Here's a big thought........


There's all the other stuff folks are taking. Like, Axonex. Avonex is supposed to better solidify the blood brain barrier. Well, what if it's making it harder for the ABX to get in?

Might some of the other things we take because they have an anti-inflamatory effect ...... might some of this stuff actually make it harder for the CPN to get exposed to the ABX?

This thinking could relate to a whole host of things folks are taking, there's lots of it even here at TIMS. Does this seem logiccal? Ken

So, I'm curious what other treatments and strategies you all think complement, or sabotage, abx treatment of MS?

I know there are not real answers to this, I'm just curious how people feel about these other treatments in relation to abx and how many people are persuing combination therapy as opposed to an all eggs in one basket approach.

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