I think this post belongs here: re Lyme and MMP9

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I think this post belongs here: re Lyme and MMP9

Postby feesher » Tue Nov 30, 2004 8:04 pm


MMP9 upregulated in both sero-positive and sero-negative LD patients.

Hmmm... points back to our friend minocycline again.
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Lymes and MS Symptoms

Postby coach » Wed Dec 01, 2004 12:31 pm

I find the information about Lymes and MS interesting and appreciate the information. These posts have jogged my memory about an experience I had approximately 15 years ago. We were renting an older home at the time which I am sure had its share of furry friend inhabitants. I had an episode of a number of red half-dollar size areas appear on my trunk (no I am not an elephant). They were not painful, just odd. I did not seek medical attention since they were not bothersome. I was checked for Lyme's (which was negative) to r/o that as a possibility before a dx of MS approximately 7 years ago.. I did have the ON (which I know that many MSers present with initially) episode 6 years before the skin episode. Also had oligoclonal bands in CSF and elevated IgG also indicative of MS but also implicated with CPN. Are the current tests for Lyme's more definitive than previous tests? Just wondering if this would be something worth checking out. Could be that I might be a candidate for the antibiotic Rx.
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