Switching from Copaxone to Avonex

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Switching from Copaxone to Avonex

Postby MoJo » Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:09 pm

I was on Copaxone but suffered extreme skin reactions and my ms nurse and consultant said I had to stop taking them and try a different dmd!!

After much research - a lot of which I got from this sight - I have made the decision to try Avonex. One of my reasons is that it doesn't cause skin site reactions! BUT and it is a very big but I have read about the chills and shakes and flu like symptoms on Avonex and everywhere I have read they have said if you take ibuprofen then you can cope with it. I am allergic to ibuprofen and asprin!!! Is taking paracetamol going to be enough to ease the symptoms.

Please can anyone tell me if paracetamol is going to be sufficient?
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Re: Switching from Copaxone to Avonex

Postby NHE » Wed Mar 10, 2010 11:19 pm

Hi MoJo,
Some people have had good luck with Alieve (Naproxen). Is that something you can take? In addition, there have been a couple of posts in that past where people have reported that an allergy medication, such as an antihistamine, was helpful in dealing with the side effects.

I hope that's helpful for you, NHE
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