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a little help

Postby sunshine12 » Mon Jul 05, 2004 2:49 pm

hello all, i started avonex 2 weeks ago, and just wanted to let you in on my experience yesterday, in hope that it could offer help to others? i had looked at this board before taking my first shot, and had seen a few say they do not sleep on the night of their shot, and i thought it was because side affects were so bad, well here was my experience, my first shot i took tylenol b4 shot and then for my last dose of tylenol before bed i took tylenol pm, i had the chills, and a fever, but the tylenol pm helped me go to sleep and stay sleeping the next day i woke, fine except still a little tired from the pm, well i said since i did fine last week im just gonna stick with reg tylenol and not take the pm, well that was the wrong idea, i couldnt fall asleep for anything, still awake from yesterday, and got to feel every moment of all the side affects. so i just wanted to recommend to some of you who hadn't known about it, to maybe try some tylenol pm before you go to sleep on the night of the shot as it seemed to of help. good luck to all, and hope i might of helped someone :D
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Postby willysnout1 » Tue Jul 06, 2004 10:31 am

I think everyone has their own "formula" for dealing with the side effects. Most people people on the interferons find that the side effects diminish over time. The one thing I'd point out to you about Tylenol is that it has the potential to damage the liver, as does Avonex. For that reason plus the fact that I am a drinker, I have always avoided Tylenol.

I use aspirin for the flu-like symptoms. Aspirin can cause internal bleeding. This has been exploited by the makers of non-aspirin pain reliever, but internal bleeding happens in less than 1 of every 500 people who use aspirin. For those who get an upset stomach, there is buffered or enteric coated aspirin. For sleeping problems, you can get aspirin with codeine. I believe this is available for the asking from the pharmacist, although I might be wrong and you could require a prescription.

Also, for sleeping problems there is a tea available from this shop that does a great job. It is called "Good Night." Another idea is Valerian Root, which is available at any health food store.
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