vaccinations and interferons

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vaccinations and interferons

Postby AllyB » Sat Jul 21, 2007 1:50 pm

Hi there

I could not find any info on this on the Avonex site, but maybe someone else could shed some light?

My Oncologist (I had cancer 10 yrs ago and stiill go for regular checks) is something of an expert on interferons in general as it is commonly used for the treatment of certain cancers. She told me that I could not have any vaccinations whilst on interferon, or for 3 months after stopping therapy. She also said that if I came into contact with anyone with measles I would need iv immunoglobulins as i would be at risk of measles encephalitis, ditto for chicken pox because of shingles. QAlso that any bacterial infections ncould become potentially life threatening if not reported and treated immediately. She gave me her patient information sheet which included all these issues. Her patients are only on between 1-3 million international units three times per week subcut, whilst mine is 30 million international munits once a week! She bwas very sympathetic about the horrendous side effects too!

My neuro never mentioned any of this and tends to pooh-pooh any side effects I complain of......

Anmy info on this would be helpfull.

Many thanks

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