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side effects

Postby looneybin94 » Sun Jan 16, 2005 7:24 am

I get awful flu like symptoms from the avonex but nyquil or something with an antihistamine really seems to help. Renee :D
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Postby 4WheelGirl » Tue Apr 26, 2005 3:29 pm

I have been on Avonex for 2 years now and I still get the awful side effects. The doctor told me when I started it that the side effects will subside within 9 months, HE LIED!!!! 26 months later, and I still get the fevers, body aches and pains and everything but the flu....

I can minimize these side effects a little by making sure I take 2 Ibuprofens 30 minutes before the shot and one 2 hours after the shot. Then keep that going every 4 hours or so. But honestly, it just takes the edge off because at some point I wind up taking vicodin because the body pain is just too great. I rather be asleep the whole day than be awake feeling cr*pped out the whole day. The vicodin takes the pain away and lets me sleep.

I have recently been told by my neuro that my ms has progressed to SPMS. He suggested I get on Rebif... I said no because I didn't want to feel the side effects of this drug 3x a week as oppose to the one time I already deal with from the Avonex.

The idea that I have been on Avonex for 2 years and have progressed to SPMS in this time makes me really wonder if taking this drug at all is doing anything. Of course my doctor seems to think that if I weren't on it, my progression and disability would be worse. I don't know whats worse, the not knowing if this drug is doing anything to delay the progression, or taking the drug, deal with the side effects week after week and wind up progressing anyway. It is one of those things, Damn if you do and damn if you don't...
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Postby wintergirl » Mon Jun 27, 2005 10:02 pm

I see that this thread is kind of old but I'm hoping 4wheelgirl is still around. I am curious about something. Do you by any chance live at a high altitude?
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