Double vision

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Double vision

Postby siren » Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:52 pm

I'm now experiencing a relaps of double vision . I'm not so sure of which eye alignment had gone off..the right or left. The MS attack has hit me quite frequently lately, just a week after I finish my course of oral predisolone for an earlier attack on my speech :( . I'm at loss now (its the weekend here and my doctor is away at the moment). I'm not sure should I take another course of oral predisolone (which starts at 60 mcg)? I'm aware that consuming a lot of steriod is no good for the body in the long run that's why I am hestitating. But I can't operate normaly and go back to work if I don't do that.
The doctor wants to discuss abt changing treatment again. I just switch from Rebif (been taking it since Jan 05) to Betaseron (first injection in Nov 10). Seems that Betaseron is not working for me also. How long should it kicks in before showing its effectiveness.
I'm feeling that I'm just abt to give up :cry:
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