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Campath Rash

Postby ssmme » Fri Aug 27, 2010 5:45 am

I was treated with my second round of Campath in early May. In June I started with a rash that first appeared on my head around my hairline. I initially thought it was the new shampoo I bought so I quit using it. The rash continued and popped up on my torso. I went to my neurologist/study doctor to let him have a look. He sent me to a dermatologist who confirmed that it was a rash triggered by the campath. The derma doc put me on 5mg oral prednisone with taper over 10 days. The rash appeared to fade then when I tapered down the prednisone it came back. I went back to the derma doc. He gave me a new script for 10mg prednisone with taper over 18 days. Once again the same thing happened. I didn't go back to the derma doc and told my neuro that I don't feel like fighting the rash with drugs anymore. They haven't helped so why bother.

I still have the rash. It is less intense now and appears to be slowly dissipating but it's not gone yet. It's now almost the first of September so that's three months with a rash so far. It's tolerable but gets more itchy if I get warm.

Has anyone else out here experienced this?

This is not the same rash/hives that appear during infusion and it definitely did not appear until a couple weeks post infusion.
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Postby mendesnelson » Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:19 am

I didnt have the rash but I had body-wide itching that lasted about a year. I went to the dermatologist and they couldnt figure out a cause outside of a possible side effect from the Campath. The heat would make it worse but in the shower the beading of very hot water on my skin gave me some relief - it felt like the water scratched all the itchy spots, which would then give me a transient rash that would pass after I cooled the skin down.
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