I received alemtuzumab CARE MS II extension study

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I received alemtuzumab CARE MS II extension study

Postby marcinl0 » Tue May 31, 2011 4:32 am

I'd like to share with you that I received alemtuzumab (Campath trade name) in the hospital 26.04. - 30/04/2011 under the program CARE MS II extension study.

Side effects of alemtuzumab infusions continue after I get tired, the most troublesome are unpredictable spikes of fever and headache as a symptom of allergy to the drug - but you can survive it, while I have a long-term improvement in efficiency and nerve regeneration - that is, not only as effective to stop the disease.

CARE MS II - is an innovative research program of alemtuzumab against an approved treatment for MS drug Rebif: Comparison of Alemtuzumab and Rebif Efficacy in Multiple Sclerosis, Study Two (CARE-MS II)
Sam I am currently in an extended examination CARE MS II extension study - only the first in 2009, the "landed" in the Rebif pivotal trial in the CARE MS II. What's important: every patient gets the active drug - not a placebo:
An Extension Protocol for Multiple Sclerosis Patients Who Participated in Genzyme-Sponsored Studies of Alemtuzumab

"Our" drug alemtuzumab is a test to CARE MS II - is a trade name drug Campath (alemtuzumab is its active ingredient), as explained at the beginning I just got in 2009, Rebif (interferon beta-1a) in injections (injections did you Rebifu standard 3x a week Mon Wed Fri and I was fighting a fever after him) - but could just as well that such a fate is determined - as alemtuzumab is not yet well tested and may have serious side effects and is therefore not yet approved to treat MS . Neatly side-effects were tested in phase III and after 2 years in 2011, finally got alemtuzumab in the extension study "tests:

Alemtuzumab adopted in the current protocol as infusion - a drip for about 4 hours. for 5 consecutive days (the first 3 days, first 1-hr. drip Solu Medrol 1g), at a dose of 12 mg / day, after a year but is repeated for 3 days (also from Solu) ..

When alemtuzumab to mitigate adverse effects possibly administered through a drip 1 hour. methylprednisolone (Solu-Medrol) 1g x 3 days with potassium Kalipoz), antihistamines (Clemastin, Alermed in tables), antipyretic (Apap 1-2 g) and anti-virus (Heviran 2x200 mg for 28 days).

Biological: alemtuzumab
12 mg per day Administered through IV, once a day for 5 Consecutive days at Month 0 and 12 mg per day Administered through IV, once a day for 3 Consecutive days at Month 12
Alemtuzumab-leukemia medicine helps multiple sclerosis
<shortened url>

It is fair to add that alemtuzumab Campath as an anticancer drug in leukemia is administered at a much higher dose than the SM - hence the administration of this drug for MS side effects should be much smaller because the dose used in MS is much less than the leukemia as stated already in minutes of administration. Also evidenced by the statements of people with MS who have received alemtuzumab and apparently so do not complain about side effects. If you are in better condition sprawnościowym / neurologist. than before the administration of alemtuzumab - and this is after all meant.
The mean disability score on a 10-point scale improved by 0.39 point in the alemtuzumab group "

Estimated cost of alemtuzumab Campath is 12 thousand. zł / per year, but it may unfortunately be increased to match the other new drugs for MS (eg Gilenya).

I would add that the complete test data are expected at the end of 2011 and the approval of alemtuzumab to treat MS in 2012 - it's not so long, let's keep our fingers crossed for success:
"Data from the trials are expected to be available in 2011, and approval is Anticipated in 2012."
Alemtuzumab is responsible for the company Genzyme Corp..
Latest news about alemtuzumab:

Condition a month after the administration of alemtuzumab - in an annual cycle according to the current record:

[Alemtuzumab adopted in the current protocol as an infusion - a drip for about 4 hours.for 5 consecutive days (the first 3 days, first 1-hr. drip Solu Medrol 1g), at a dose of 12mg / day, after a year but is repeated for 3 days (with Solu-Medrol).]

The most important that have passed strict dissuasive side effects - fever, chills,"stinging" and headaches - ended up as early as 3 days after the 5th infusion, andthrough rigorous administration of antihistamines - anti-allergic (Clemastin, Alermed thetable for 5 days), antipyretic (1-2 g Apap temporarily) and antivirus (Heviran 2x200 mgfor 28 days). It is no longer dissuasive fatigue after drips.

I already have more strength to walk, it seems that the drug alemtuzumab works, anddoes not cause a fever as continuous strokes after injection Rebifu. Most importantly,this is the first drug that I accepted, whose side effects do not undermine long-termbeneficial effects of the drug. When interferon Rebif was worse after treatment than without it, could not function with a sudden fever above 38 degrees C every other day.

Alemtuzumab far I have not caused a drastic reduction in the number of lymphocytes and platelets (ITP has not occurred), not infection, not affected the thyroid - there were no major serious side effects from study data.

In general I am hopeful for the long-term efficiency gains through the administration of the drug, it appears that well that I decided to take alemtuzumab - this is a totally newquality in comparison with the commonly used so-called. standard treatment (interferon,glatiramer), and each patient a treatment such as alemtuzumab alone I have - I would.

Regards, Martin
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I received alemtuzumab CARE MS II extension study

Postby Garry5 » Tue Jun 21, 2011 2:53 pm

I had already signed up for the extension study and was about to take it too, but backed out a couple of weeks before the treatment. Apart from some other significant changes in my life, I got quite a bit worried. Rebif had worked quite well for me in the past 2 years. No relapse, all stable, only minor limitations. Could I expect improvements and be like 5 years ago when it started? Would it work for me at all, or might my stable condition suddenly get worse? On the other hand it could be a big opportunity to get it early, not having to wait for the approval and possibly only available as an escalation treatment. I might never get it.

The main reason I joined originally 2 years ago was an article about Tony Johnstone. I thought maybe Alemtuzumab will improve my Golf game ;-). Well I got into the control group with Rebif and did not find out.

So I chickened out, and I love to hear how you are doing...
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