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Users' experiences

Postby whitepjs » Thu Jan 22, 2004 11:09 pm


I've been treated with this drug. I've posted my experiences (and those of other patients) on my web site

If there's anyone out there who's also had it, or is considering taking it, I'd love to make contact.


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Please research this drug

Postby Spotzy » Thu May 18, 2006 6:30 pm

My 50 yr old friend died Saturday as a result of receiving more Campath than was necessary to get her cancer under control. Her oncologist had never treated her kind of rare cancer before (Waldenstroms) and made a mistake in deciding which protocol to use.

It destroyed her bone marrow and wiped out all of her white blood cells. As a result, she got an infection which threw her into septic shock. She spent three weeks in ICU on a respirator fighting for her life, only to catch VRE. Her family and friends watched her die a slow, painful death.

Please do a lot of research before deciding to use this drug.
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Postby mrhodes40 » Sun May 21, 2006 8:50 am

HI David,
Thank you for posting this. I am interested in your story. How are you doing now? The experiences blog link you included ends in '04....?
I am interested in how your blood counts are now have they recovered and does it seem you got the "reboot" you were looking for? Or do the lymphocytes remain down at this point? Just curious
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Postby raven » Mon May 29, 2006 12:46 am

Spotzy, I'm sorry for the loss of your friend but as you say the oncologist made a mistake. The only monoclonal that I know of that is being used for Waldenstroms is Rituximab. However, Campath does not wipe out bone marrow. It does destroy lymphocytes (white blood cells) but not the marrow itself.

But as you rightly point out anyone considering an extreme form of treatment such as this should get as much information as they can.

Marie, Lymphocyte count returns to normal levels within about six months after treatment.

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