second dose day two

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second dose day two

Postby sugarmomma » Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:30 am

I have in IV in my right wrist, so it is hard for me to type. Therefore, I not sure how long this post will be. Yesterday the infusion went ok. Although, I went into vagus shock during the IV insertion and passed out ( my blood pressure also dropped in half). But after that is was pretty smooth sailing. Kristin and I had some serious headaches. I also had a stomach ache and some body aches. However I am keeping myself medicated with Vicodin, which is a lifesaver. At the end of the actual campath infusion yesterday, Kristin developed the infamous rash. Apparently she "blossomed" all night. Which sucks for her. So far things have been pretty calm but it is still early into the whole process. The nice thing is that this year, the infusion is only three days as opposed to five. So after today we will be 2/3 of the way done. I personally can't wait to have my IV out and to be able to relax at home. Although, generally I am so over medicated that there is not a lot of relaxing. Just a lot of deep sighing, some moaning, and deep desire to sleep it all away. I posted a more personal view of the infusion on my personal blog here

but so far things are going ok...

I will try to update more later...
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