In the Phase 3 Campath study!

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In the Phase 3 Campath study!

Postby queenie » Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:48 pm

So I needed to switch tx after 4 years on copaxone. Doc recommended I choose between tysabri and Campath, as he is involved in the study. It was a really hard decision, especially since I was dead set against taking an interferon. The research nurse said that if I was randomized onto the rebif I could drop out. So I went thru the entire process, then on randomization day - hooray!!!
I got my five infusions of campath the last week of April. I tolerated it really well, and only experienced the rash, which wasn't even itchy or troublesome.
Now my wbc and neutrophils are still down, but so far haven't been sick.
My question to some of you "old-timers" is, what has happened that makes you think it is/isn't working?
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