third day of campath done. yahoo-eee

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third day of campath done. yahoo-eee

Postby sara33 » Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:15 pm

ok.. i really don't get how to type in bold here... because it really suits my eyes better. but it just does something weird with parentheses stuff that i don't get.
today was the LONGEST day. finally they got the iv in on the first try, after i suggested using some warming blankets on my arms first(past nursing experience myself...duhhh)
i didn't have much issues today, just extremely tired. i could barely move myself to bathroom or move in bed. i could hardly hold my book up to read or do a sudoku puzzle. and at the current moment i keep messing up every spelling and having to go back and correct it.

the only badness i suppose was the littlest bit of nausea, and achiness. but i think i slept throught that. i even let them leave all the bp cuffs and o2 sat stuff on so i could just sleep through the 15 minuted checks., a thing i thought was completely annoying at first. but appparently my bp goes way down at points and i spike temps , so they are extra vigilant.

i think this just must be the get over the hill day, if you know what i mean... two more days that are only the campath, not the prednisone too, so less time overall.

i kinda want ot have my dh go iwht me so he can see how much it sucks, but then he'll just wander in and out from smoke breaks and drive me crazy, b/c i'm trying really hard to cut back.

well, now all the words are just blurring around.
blessings to all of you:)[/b]
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Re: third day of campath done. yahoo-eee

Postby Lyon » Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:21 pm

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Postby sara33 » Wed Jun 24, 2009 7:50 pm

thanks lyon. funny your picture there. i've got a bent paperclip structure of a guy doing the same thing except he's getting a bright idea with a tiny lightbulb on his head. maybe that would be better understood if i includeed a pictre. oh well. use your imagination.

anyhow. still two short days left. but i really aprreciate the feedback.
thanks a lot!
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