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Postby acol » Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:43 pm

Hi HappyPoet

Sorry to hear of your 'Good News and Bad News' situation.

I don't want to be seen as being intrusive (and I may have missed a previous post explaining...) but I was wondering what were the reasons for the surgeons being unable to operate? I understand entirely that you may not want to post publicly- and you can always tell me to mind my own business. However, if you feel able to post, these are my queries.

Firstly, where was the CCSVI identified - USA, Poland - Dr Simka or elsewhere?

Secondly, was it a definite no, no or was it more a question of being unable to operate at this point of time but the situation might change? As far as I am aware it is very unusual not to be able to correct such a problem - although I seem to recall reading about someone who had very wide flat veins which ideally required a stent but the width posed a logistical difficulty. I think that there are quite a few cases where it is considered too dangerous to use stents and the patient therefore has to confine theirselves to angioplasticy, even though the vein might reblock. But at least in these cases something can be done.
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Postby jimmylegs » Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:29 pm

I think the original page 1 has been dropped from this thread. Is it possible for an entire page to disappear? I read it yesterday & went to print it out today but page 1 is gone.

The thread now begins with Costume answering Cheers post.

Can it be resotred?

Am I crazy?

in response to repeated complaints about members posting on the same subject in numerous places, i started moving early pages in this topic over the the previous 'buffalo study' topic. you will find early posts from this subject there.
to finish what i started here, i am going to eventually move all content here over to that thread, so that it's all in one place.
because i cannot easily move posts from topic to topic, only from forum to forum, the process is time consuming and posts lose trackabilty by author.
to make sure i can finish here at least, i am going to lock this thread.
going forward, i am not going to move any more content in this way and TIMS members are going to have to police cross posting within this CCSVI forum themselves.
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