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i.b.t update

Postby Forgetfull » Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:35 am

here goes getting better on computer but please excuse any mistakes.
now 1 week into bed raise of 6".
I am surprised and hope it carrys on to be getting seemingly early positive improvements :
Thurs day i had lots more energy and still have up to today,
no headaches at all in the mornings (afternoon headaches are in the hight numbers still)
Hubby tells me i am dreaming all night long now even beating the pillows to death thurs night. i do not remember dreams
i am sleeping a good 8 hours and only got up 2 nights this week (incredible) again after a bad start i already fell more spritly when i get up than i have for years.
I have a new sympton since wed night, i site in chair watching tv and i get what i would call vertigo and spinning and light sensitive ?
am going to try sun glasses tonight while watching tv. I am getting this a bit through the day as well. Hubby has been giving me a neck and head massage ever night since the bad neck in the mornings sun and mon, a lot better know but i am going to keep quite for a bit as its so relaxing and he is good at it. will keep you updated as i can.
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Inclined Therapy for ms

Postby AndrewKFletcher » Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:15 am

Thanks for the update.

The sensitivity to light is a new report. We will have to keep tabs on this development.

The improvement in morning headaches has been reported by many people using I.T. Your afternoon headach may relate to sitting posture, again raising the seat higher so it is at least level with knees or higher should help this.

Also make sure you drink a little more water, dehydration could influence your dizzy / vertigo feeling. I.T. does remove more fluids initially, even though your need to void is reduced at night, evaporation is more efficient on I.T. due to improvements in body temperature.

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