did any of you get a headache from your doppler?

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Postby WeWillBeatMS » Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:13 pm

Unfortunately I can say that the two technicians were not using the CCSVI protocol. I even got it from Nunzio but forgot to bring it with me to the appointment. The technician that started doing the test was truly facinated with the whole theory behind CCSVI when I explained it to her and then had another another technician come to do the rest of the testing because as she put it, I was "special"? I wasn't sure what that meant but I was hoping it meant someone that was better trained to do the test. Well he came and the lady was excited to have me explain CCSVI to him and he was interested but I think that he was the owner of the ultrasound company doing the testing and he seemed more interested in busting through the test, doing a complete check of all my arteries (not so much with the veins which I kept talking about), than finding a stenosis. I certainly have myself to blame for not being better prepared. They said that couldn't even try to test the Azygos vein which I was asking them to do. The female tech was looking up what the Aygos vein was on her iPhone while we were talking. They said the flow on the jugulars looked "fine".
Regarding the dizziness, I definitely can agree with that part. At one point during the testing, he put the pillow down under my back so my head was extended backward more so he could get a better angle at the front of my neck and this tilting of my head made the room start spinning. With all the MRIs that I've had done (probably 20 or so) the MRI tech would many times try to help me get up only a few seconds after sitting up and I need to explain that I need another 30 seconds before the room stops spinning before I can get up.
Is the valsalva when he asked me to hold my breath?
Off topic a bit but anybody know what's the skinny on the Stanford study? I saw that Shannon's posts were all deleted.

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