Information On Getting an Iron Metabolism Test

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Information On Getting an Iron Metabolism Test

Postby Merlyn » Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:13 am

Newly emerging science has it that vein anomalies allow excess iron to pool in the brains of MS victims. Iron also over stores in the myelin sheath that covers all nerves irritating and causing them to fire unexpectedly. All MS patients should be screened for hemochromatosis or iron overload. The doctor
you take this information to will not have heard of it yet. You are not asking him or her to experiment, only to screen for iron and treat it when and if it is found. MS pts should go to our web pages on "Diagnosis", "Treatment" and "Diet" at: .

Print out the diagnosis page and take it with you to your doctor's consult as not all doctors are up to date for iron.

Based on our experience with seizure disorders and Parkinson's, the brain responds wonderfully well to the de-ironing process and these symptoms were reversed. From our perspective, it may not even be necessary to have surgery to correct the vein anomalies. That discovering and treating the iron may be all that is necessary.

MS patients please call and let us know your successes an failures with this information at: 561-586-8246 as the research continues....

Steve Barfield - President
Iron Overload Diseases Assn.
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