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Postby Brightspot » Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:32 pm

Here is what I came up with for an info. sheet regarding CCSVI.
My sister and I will wear our CCSVI t shirts, and hand out info. sheets at the MS Walk in Vancouver, and at the protest in Vancouver on May 5th.

Yes, those of us who cannot travel to Ottawa will be protesting in other cities. I believe the Provincial Legislature in Victoria will be one site, Vancouver, and Toronto will have their own protests, and likely other cities too.

Remember that if each on the 4 persons who responded to your call to protest bring 9 people with them, you may end up with a respectable number!

I plan to print 100 info sheets, with a colour graphic on one side and the info. on the other. Will make either 2, or 4 info sheets per 8 x 10 page and have them printed in a cheap copy shop. When I cut them in half or quarters I will have 200 or 400 colourful info sheets to give people. My sister will do the same, so we should have lots of informed people in Vancouver. I know some folks in Toronto will do the same.

Here is what I have prepared for info sheets. Please feel free to modify and use it if it is helpful.


CCSVI is a serious vascular condition, characterized by restriction of the blood flow from the brain resulting from severely malformed or blocked. Jugular veins and / or Azygus veins

-studies have shown that more than half of persons suffering with Multiple Sclerosis also have this vascular condition

-several scientific research studies have been published since the ground breaking work of Dr. Paulo Zamboni,(do an internet search and read the recent research for yourself)

-the effects of CCSVI include damage to the brain from inadequate oxygen perfusion to the tissues of the brain and other documented effects of compromised circulation

-CCSVI can be diagnosed by means of doppler ultrasound, MRV, and angiogram. All of these techniques have been in use in Canada for many years.. There is nothing experimental about these diagnostic procedures

-the most common treatment for CCSVI is balloon angioplasty, which is a simple out patient procedure involving minimal and well documented risk.

-many Canadians are travelling to other countries to receive testing and treatment for this vascular condition. (United States, Italy, Poland, India, Bulgaria) Many Canadians with MS do not have funds to seek necessary medical screening and treatment in other countries.

-one of the first Multiple Sclerosis patients to receive treatment for CCSVI is a Cardiac Surgeon, Dr.Gianfranco Campalani who lives in Ireland

-MS Pateints in Kuwait will be the first to benefit from the growing body of completed, published research. The government of Kuwait has put into place protocol to screen citizens living with MS , and to treat those who are found to have CCSVI

-join us in asking the MS Society of Canada to call for immediate screening and treatment for all Canadians at risk for this serious vascular condition.

To learn more about CCSVI go to and search CCSVI. You will find links to many published studies, media reports, and the personal reports told by Canadians and people from around the planet who have received treatment for CCSVI.

Another reliable source of information regarding CCSVI is the website of the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre
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