I am very new to everything... help me....

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I am very new to everything... help me....

Postby Anjel » Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:16 pm

I noticed blue fingernails yesterday. Always had the extreme cold feet and hands during the day and red, swollen, PAINFUL feet at night. I looked it up on symptom checker. Pulled up Raynaud's and was discussing it with a friend and told her that is almost always secondary to auto immune disorder. I had none that I knew of.

Then, went to a new eye doc for severe pink eye. Could not stand the pain. He said that you never have painful peripheal vision with pink eye. This is the second bout in 3 months. Before, I went to ER, dx'ed with pink eye, put on eyedrops. 4 days later, had to go back to an eye doc. He didn't much care for talking, put me on a more expensive salve and sent home. 2 days later, in my family doc for eye and fever. Dx'ed sinusitis. Finally, went away. He asked me about headaches. Yes, everyday. Due to stress, I thought. Told him of other weird things that just came up. Right foot in constant painful spasm even when its cold. Seems like I have always had lack of coordination. So much so, I have bruises I can't explain.

I don't want to be all paranoid, but wow a lot of stuff just explains itself now...

Can anyone help me? Soothe my brain. You know I am thinking the worst.
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Postby ndwannabe » Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:35 pm

Anjel, I am so sorry you are in such pain.

Some conditions take forever to diagnose. I was deemed "extremely healthy" after the standard blood test, pressure 115/75 and all. It took me 4-5 month of constant testing to get a proper diagnosis - I was checked by reumatologist, podiatrist, GYN, you name it until I was sent to neurology department.

Yet, I was getting worse and worse.

It sounds like your symptoms can point to this or that. Try insisting on more tests - you may start asking for a referral to neurologist.

Although some of your symptoms do sound like MS - it might or might not be it.
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Postby Zeureka » Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:53 pm

I really wanted to answer, but realise an answer to your post is very difficult...but I will try...can you maybe explain more precisely what you want to know in relation to CCSVI ? Whether these symptoms could relate to CCSVI and therefore MS?

This is very difficult to guess from such a description without specific exams...and you should really best discuss your symptoms/worries with your doctor and see what tests he would recommend to exclude any medical problem. It will not necessarily be MS, lack of coordination and headaches could also relate to anaemia, a vestibular or other issues that might need to be checked. As a first step the doctor will most likely perform a blood test.

But if you want to know which test is currently widely used by the neurology dep in hospitals to exclude MS: it would be an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). CSSVI doppler testing is not yet standard in the hospital protocols.
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