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I agree wholeheartedly about the negligence on the part of a neurologist if they fail to mention diet. Frankly, I have never 'had' a neurologist because the first one I visited who diagnosed me had nothing to say about diet when I asked. The attitude was so arrogant I opted not to travel in that world. After the preliminary tests etc I have never in 9/10 years seen another neurologist, except for last year because I had a major relapse, and this not even in my own country.

I wish I had known Swank was in Portland when I lived there, I would have seen him. Now he is gone, lived to 99yrs old! The article you cited mentions that he knew there was a problem with blood flow to the brain for his patients but continued to look at fats and their effect. He did not look at the venous system, which makes sense since it was not his field. They thought he was a quack too, and the MS societies ignored him, he stated, because it was not their dollars that funded his discovery on fats and MS..not so much has changed, huh?
He also knew that what made his research not so popular was that people wanted a 'pill' or a quick fix. I believe CCSVI is most likely the largest piece of the puzzle that has been missing thus far, but something tells me that it is not the end all, and I fear those with MS will abandon their diet protocols hoping that CCSVI is the answer. Certainly it is huge in the realm of advancement of understanding what the heck MS is...but there is much research yet to be done and MS is complex.

Anyway....my 2cents have been spent.

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