The Great CCSVI Scandal of 2010

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Postby patientx » Wed Apr 28, 2010 1:28 pm

bluesky63 wrote:I struggled with this statement, especially since I wanted to give a source or a link.....

...One doctor worked half the time with veins; another is an international expert in venous issues; another is considered one of the premier experts in the whole field of vascular surgery. I believe them when they say it's safe.

I have also searched both pubmed and google for apropriate links, but most vascular surgeons use "angioplasty" when they mean both arteries and veins, and most published references to venoplasty are in connection to dire procedures for liver transplants, coronary disease, etc. -- none of which provide clean stats we could link to for straightforward venoplasty without including risks related to the other dire conditions.

So . . . no good links to back up the statement about overall safety compared other options. But I still believe it:-)

I tend to believe the same - I was told by one IR that venous angioplasty should by 99% safe.

But, then again, at one time on this site it was believed that stents were perfectly safe. And there are claims that they are expected to last forever. So, even the experts might disagree among themselves.
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Postby NoDrainer » Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:15 pm

Great discussion!

Meanwhile, back at the great CCSVI scandal of 2010 ...fresh off Cheer's Facebook page:

Jill Ballam: I have sent an email to Lawyer Bruce Lemer in Vancouver. He is a class action lawyer who won a case against the Red Cross in the tainted blood scandal.

Tom Brewer: I have sent a message to the Merchant Law Group here in Regina. I have asked if they can help.

....and direct quotes by Dr Simka re stent safety:

The whole discussion about stent migration is ridiculous. All are saying: "Don't perform stenting because of the risk of migration". Nobody is discussing: "How to perform the procedure to avoid this complication". In Poland, we have spent hours discussing this issue. And it is only a technical problem that CAN be solved and HAS been solved. It is the problem of proper preop diagnostics, proper intraop tactics and proper choice of the stent. The stent should be tailored to the vein. And such a stent CANNOT migrate. And if you cannot tailor the stent, or stenting is just not necessary - you simply perform ballooning.

In our department we have already performed ~250 procedures, in over 100 patients we have applied stents. Serious complications: ZERO. Yet, in some patients, anticipating potential risks, only balloon angioplasty was done.

In Poland we say: "Dogs are barking, but they will not stop the caravan."

If stents are needed, rather self-expandable ones should be used. But for safety reasons, the currently available stents cannot be used in all cases, so some patients remain with their stenosis not addressed (consequently, with no improvement). But these design problems should be fixed, it is only matter of time (stent companies are really interested in this). ... ponse.html
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