Liberation treatment at Max Hospital New Delhi, India

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Liberation treatment at Max Hospital New Delhi, India

Postby hopecomesnow » Sat May 01, 2010 2:44 am

HCN has done the liberation tratment under Dr. Shakir Husain at the Max Hospital, New Delhi.I went to the Hospital on the 27th April. Got admitted immediately. Junior Doctors met me by about 7pm.Did the MRI's and other tests on the 27th night itself. Dr. Husain scheduled the procedure the next day in the afternoon. I entered the operation theater in the afternoon by about 1pm. Thats when I met Dr. Husain first.The procedure was about 3.5 hrs. He was missing for a while so when he can back he said that he analysed mycase .
I had a 80% blockage on my LJV and a 20% blockage on my RJV.
and then he started with the balooning
I could feel the happiness in his voice towards the end of the prcedure...he said' just another 5 minutes and we'll be through!'
after the procedure I was shifted to my room
next day morning a junior doctor came and asked me to do some physical tests andand I started excelling...thenhe said' u must walk again maybe u got lucky" I did it again!
he came about an hour later with another doctor to show him and said that i'm doing good and said that i'm starting to show signs of improvement. Dr Husain came in the evening told me I'm doing good and that I can be discharged the next day itself.
I left the next day,(30th April 2010) a liberated man with a smile on my face and 'damn' I feel good !!!
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Re: Liberation treatment at Max Hospital New Delhi, India

Postby mila77 » Sat May 01, 2010 3:26 am


congatulations and wish you further improvements.

hopecomesnow wrote: The procedure was about 3.5 hrs.

waw that was one long procedure, mine took just 35 minutes and it involved bont balooning and placing a stent :-)
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Postby hopecomesnow » Mon May 03, 2010 5:32 am

oh the reaon why the procedure was long was caude Dr. Husain doesnot use the testing protocol!....he inserts the wire thru the fermoral artery and then checks for bopth blockages....then in the middle of the procedure he was missing
I asked him and then he said he was analysing my case...and then in about an hr..he liberated me!
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Liberation Treatment in India

Postby LiberationTreatmentIndia » Sun May 16, 2010 11:16 pm

In India this procedure is done at a cost lesser than $10000 at internationally accredited hospitals using latest technology. Patients from around the world who are looking for getting Liberation Treatment done in India can now get free opinion from India's top doctors and also a detailed quote. Please log on to for more information.

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