update free call in radio discussion

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update free call in radio discussion

Postby blossom » Mon May 03, 2010 6:33 pm

there may be some people thinking of doing this and haven't made up their mind yet so i thought i would give a little update about what i felt happened when i did it. the first call i put in the host made comments like this is interesting stuff, it would effect the oxygen, etc. he was questioning which was good because it gave me the chance to explain some things to hold his interest thus more audience time. i stressed the best i could after explaining what ccsvi is, the concept, dr. zambonni,resuls after the treatment, the importance of the doctors learning the proper protocol of testing correctly that vascular and interventional radiologist are the ones to approach with this info. these are the doctors you want. i STRESSED the internet, what to look for stuff like that. the first call i had a decent amount of time the other times have been shorter because you dial in and wait. if you happen to be near advertiseing time you naturally have less time. i can't get on everyday or listen every day but a couple people did tell my brother they heard some woman talking on the radio about this treatment that sounded really promising for ms and another lady i know that i had talked to about ccsvi said that her friend had mentioned that she heard a woman on the radio talking about it. i don't say who i am. thats not important. i'm no pro and if i can do his anybody can. but people are listening and who knows it might just hit the ears of someone that can make something good happen. myself, like many others have run out of wait--LIKE YESTERDAY!!
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