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Dr Tony Traboulsee interview

Postby Notdoneyet » Wed May 19, 2010 3:07 pm

Below is a link to download the podcast of Nelson Before Nine's broadcast of May 4, 2010 on Kootenay Co-op Radio, in Nelson, BC, Canada. ... 4_2010.mp3

Of particular interest is an interview with Dr. Tony Traboulsee. He is the neurologist who is heading the clinical trials for CCSVI at the University of British Columbia, Canada. The interview is about 1/5 of the way in. The host also speaks with two MS patients who are keen on having the procedure made available in Canada, as well as the community co-ordinator for the MS Society of Canada, in the West Kootenays. Note how Dr Traboulsee refers to CCSVI as a crisis for the MS establishment in Canada and he also points out that if they just gave everyone the procedure, there would be no one to do research on.
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Postby Brightspot » Wed May 19, 2010 7:00 pm


Thankyou for posting the link to the great interview on Nelson Before Nine!

Everyone should listen to it.


Thanks for your informative post. I am well aware that there was a stent migration incident and that the preferred method of treatmetn of CCSVI is balloon angioplasty.

Not sure how many of the approx. 750 persons who have had angioplasty had stents inserted, but I am pretty impressed that there have been only 3 negative incidents related to all of the stents placed world wide.

Fabulous odds in when compared to the negative effects of any other treatments on the market. Fabulous odds compared to the alternative of a relentless accumulation of brain damage for those with compromised circulation to their brains who are unable to obtain vascular medical treatment.

Am just now listening to the Nelson Before Nine podcast, and can hardly wait to hear the wonderful Dr. Traboulsee speak. He has done a fabulous job of ensuring that MS patients are denied the option of consultation and treatment by vascular specialists in British Columbia.

Oh, I just heard it. He talks about how arteries are important and veins not so much in terms of causing health problems.

He says that the work (studies on CCSVI) has "only come out of one place". Does he mean California, Buffalo, or Italy, or Poland, or Jordan, or Kuwait, or Australia, or what?? Perhaps you could provide some information for those of us not as well informed, MrSuccess.

Traboulsee claims that Dr. Zamboni has said that an independent group such as his (Traboulsee's) will need to reproduce his results to determine if they are valid. I must have missed Dr. Zamboni's specific comment on this.

Traboulsee says they (Traboulsee's group) are working with ethicists. I wonder if he has consulted ethicists regarding his policy of denying persons with MS any access to vascular specialists even if they have evidence of vascular problems. I assume he has not, and can only hope he does so soon for the sake of those of us whom he claims to be helping.

The persons with MS who were interviewed stated very clearly that they do not want neurologists to have a say in their vascular medical care. One of them commented that he does not feel his dentist should have a say on the issue either. They also both commented on the dismissive and disrespectful attitude of the MS Society toward those of us with MS at risk of CCSVI and seeking vascular screening. Listen carefully to what the persons with MS say when asked if they feel the MS Society is getting in the way of persons with MS getting help.

Traboulsee encourages us all to take with a grain of salt what we hear on the internet. Excellent advice, especially for those who have been getting their information regarding CCSVI from the website of the MS Society.

Wonderful interview!! The person doing the interview did a great job! I recommend listening to it.

Loved the CCSVI political protest song by the Canadian woman songwriter.

Go Canadians!!
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Postby MrSuccess » Wed May 19, 2010 11:19 pm

Brightspot - I have no problem - in fact I commend you - with holding any person or organizations feet to the fire that refuses to commit to helping people ..... when they clearly can. :twisted:

As of this post , I have not had the chance to listen to those two interviews that have been provided . I will .... I hope tomorrow.

So .. I cannot comment as such.

June 14th is going to be awful interesting . We will finally see who is getting involved ...... and what their intentions are. :!:

Just so you know ... I am On Board with CCSVI intervention . I want to see this procedure available PDQ. I certainly hope that the safety aspect is investigated and green lighted in short order.

Of those 750 people .... we do not know how many have stents . Unless he has changed his mind on stent placements for CCSVI ..... Dr. Zamboni was opposed to stent placement . And he is the grand master of CCSVI.

On the other hand ...... other skilled doctors ... seem to have no problem with placing stents. Go figure.

I'm sitting on the fence with this issue.

I too am disgusted :twisted: with half assed half truth :twisted: piss poor slanted journalism . This is why this forum is so important that it gives corrective information on CCSVI . Don't underestimate the power of this website . Let's use it wisely . Which leads me to my final comment tonite.

New viewers to TIMS have come here seeking information on MS . If they are reading this post ...... they are interested in the CCSVI story.

In between the great information .... there is a lot of nonsense being offered up by a select few. As is apparent .... the posts are authored by real people with real problems .... that's what makes TIMS so valuable.

Sadly ... even the highend posters have given in to exchanging barbs with that one poster ..... :roll:

Sorry for the lecture .... :wink:

Mr. Success
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