Follow up?

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Follow up?

Postby costumenastional » Mon May 17, 2010 12:25 am

Is it possible for any of my fellow "liberated" patients to post here what's their plans from now on?
I had the treatment on Sofia, Bulgaria and like many of us (i suspect), i am now wondering what 's the best way to keep track of my veins. There were no stents placed in my case. They ballooned my jugulars in 3 places and my azy too.

The way i see it, another phlebography (no intervention like balloon dilation hopefuly) sounds like the best idea in a few months time. This should be easier in my country now that i have the CCSVI diagnosis. Until then, maybe a couple of dopplers?

Before leaving Sofia, they told me i should go back for an MRV in 5-6 months time. They believe that this is the correct time frame since some of Zamboni's liberati restenosed then. The problem is that they didn't do it before my operation, so no records to compare...

Any ideas? There are many of us that have had the treatment months ago and no stents were placed. I dont want for my blood to go crazy again now that i know what it can cause...And of course, i cant wait for Zamboni to perfect his protocols.
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