Get PROPERLY tested for Lyme Disease!

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Postby whyRwehere » Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:13 am

I would like to point out, that the Lyme bacteria is very present in Europe. In Switzerland, I believe they have started a vaccination program. Also, I recently read an article which showed how the tick born bacteria was more present in suburbia than the woods. It's very worrisome, and I wish the government would do more about this problem.
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Postby sbr487 » Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:28 am

Are we sure that lyme is not another disease that shows neurological symptoms but has vascular origin?
for example, is it possible that lyme bacteria affects the vascular system?

Because in most of the articles on lyme, I have only seen the symptoms that follow lyme infection. Nowhere I have seen explanation that the bacteria directly attacks certain type of cells or certain parts of the body.
A neurological symptom does not mean that the bacteri directly affects the CNS ...
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Re: Get PROPERLY tested for Lyme Disease!

Postby Karen2A » Tue Oct 29, 2013 1:05 pm

This is a reply to Blossom--re hyperbaric--YES, I've tried it and it's great. I do not have MS but I do have Lyme, so I wanted to tell you that hyperbaric, coupled with, unfortunately, (I hate them, for the most part) an antibiotic - Doxycycline -- helped me significantly! A dark-field microscopy test (not done in doctor's offices and often poo-poohed by them) showed the Lyme bacteria were majorly gone. My doc in Norfolk, VA (Renova Wellness Center) said I just didn't have enough treatments to kill them all-- and I believe it, but I ran out of money at 6K, and he said it would take another 6-9K to kill it all off.
I am doing an alternative treatment now and getting good results, but if you can afford the whole hyoerbaric treatment I recommend it highly-- to totally get rid of the Lyme!!
They had a Parkinson's patient there in Norfolk but they said he wasn't coming in often enough to really arrest it, but they felt that too would have gone or hugely improved with sufficient treatments.
I also recommend hyperbarictherapyLowCountrydotcom - look at their website -- I was told by an MD there they HAVE and DO cure Lyme! Again, I can't speak for MS, but it is a huge step in the right direction, and it's possible getting rid of the Lyme (and hyperbaric also kills other pathogens, viruses, etc.) would significantly improve the MS or better. God bless!
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