Intriguing quote for people pursing discrimination complaint

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Intriguing quote for people pursing discrimination complaint

Postby ThisIsMA » Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:00 am

I found this on a news search of CCSVI. The thing about this article that seems important to me is that it states that when Carotid Artery angioplasty was first discovered, it was allowed freely throughout the world at the same time that clinical trials were conducted to determine its effectiveness. Why a different standard for people with MS? It seems like this could be important information for people pursuing CCSVI discrimination complaints.

Translated into English from the Italian by Google. ... ro_con_css


(ANSA) - ROMA, 12 LUG - There will 'also Nicoletta Mantovani, widow of Luciano Pavarotti, the meeting which will take place' tomorrow between representatives of Ccsvi in Multiple Sclerosis and the National Health Council '. In the middle of the interview there will be 'the request by the group in Mantovani and' honorary chairman, that patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency cerebrospinal (Ccsvi) can be treated before it is determined the actual correlation with sclerosis. The Ccsvi and 'a vascular disease that is some narrowing of cerebral veins, and according to the theories of medical Ferrara Paolo Zamboni could be related to the development of multiple sclerosis:''What is required - the statement of organization - and 'Ccsvi that patients are then subjected to the proper treatment of all regardless of this association between vascular disease and Multiple Sclerosis, Association amply demonstrated by Zamboni and neurologist Bologna Fabrizio Salvi, but that will be' subjected to a new experimentation. The same thing happened with the unblocking of the carotid artery to prevent stroke, which was made freely throughout the world while simultaneously randomized studies were performed to determine the firm evidence of effectiveness.'' (ANSA). (ANSA).

If anyone here speaks Italian and English and can do a better job of translating the article, feel free. It does seem like they're saying that when Carotid Artery angioplasty was new, it was allowed at the same time as clinical trials.
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