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Angioplasty for all Canadians

Postby eveable » Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:56 pm

On July 2nd a group of Canadians with MS had a meeting with a lawyer concerning the fact that angioplasty is not allowed for Canadians with MS. Angioplasty is an approved procedure in Canada and it is performed on the internal jugular veins. It is paid for by our Provincial Health Care. Except if you have been labeled with MS. Then it is called experimental and is not allowed. In fact clinics that test for CCSVI in Canada have been told to stop.

I have seen Canadians holding protests, marching, signing petitions and sending letters to their MP's and MPP's. This will not do anything. The advisory councils are not elected polititians. They do not care how many letters we write. They do not care if this is tested. This is all about money.

When I was at the meeting, I was sure we would raise $10,000 by the end of the week. Surprisingly this didn't happen. I don't know if we did not advertise enough. Or is this MS society is too fractured to respond But I have contributed. My MS group has contibuted. People at the meeting who have already had the angioplasty done have contributed. Do Canadians just not care? Or do they not understand?

Personally, I am on the list for Albany. I will go there, pay and have the angioplasty done. If I was cold hearted I would leave it at that. I did not need to contribute to this group trying to sue the Ontario government. But I do care. More than a person a day dies from MS in Canada. I care about those people and those that do not have enough money to go to the USA or elsewhere and pay. Why should this procedure be allowed for people with heart disease, cancer and kidney failure and not be allowed for people with MS.

The website is http://angioplastyforall.com
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Postby 1eye » Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:42 am

The survey is to get people's opinion about whether the MS Societies should help Liberate people. If the Canadian MS Society were to pony up $700,000 CDN that would pay for 450 people to stay alive.

Coincidentally the same amount they gave to non=treatment studies.

Every Canadian likely to die this year of CCSVI. And that would likely be on a long-term basis. People who get Liberated get better. Barbara Farrel is (by reports) in rehab. She didn't die. She left the hospital. The guy who attended the Parliamentary Subcommittee meeting, who had been treated (in Poland, I think) had been in long term assisted care, with personal care around the clock. Last I saw him, he was walking unassisted up Parliament Hill.

Already over 200 have died with CCSVI this year in Canada. One less because of you. So 199.

Instead of telling the government "if and when" they are good and ready to let them know, *then* it's ok for them to spend *your* money on Liberations, maybe they should be helping a few people improve what used to be called their 'MS', using some of that donated money directly to help eradicate the disease. Helping a few people stay alive instead of succumbing to CCSVI.

So again I ask, what do *you* think?

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