emails for Canada politicians

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emails for Canada politicians

Postby Cece » Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:22 pm

List of Canadian MP's:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;;,;;;;,;,

List of Canadian Senators:
***"Some people have noticed that you will trip the SPAM filters if you send more than 5 at once. We tried it with 5, and with all, and received responses from both."***

List of Canadian Senators:

(list of addresses came from Patricia Hourmouzis's blog at

If you've emailed a Canadian politician today or lately, please post here to encourage others to do the same! The recent announcement by Saskatchewan that they will fund CCSVI studies is an excellent first step, now for the others to follow suit.
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Postby NormB » Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:53 pm

Wow great list Cece. Anyone shoulld forget P.Lemieux as I emailed him about the health subcomitee that was to occur and no response, nada.

Just good knowing when next elections comes.

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Postby Blaze » Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:30 am

I e-mailed my MP (Conservative) just before the Parliament debate over a month ago. No response. Not even an acknowledgment.

I have also e-mailed Ontario Minister of Health Deb Matthews (Liberal) on this twice. Again, no reply or acknowledgment.

No political party is consistent on this. The federal Liberals are pushing the governing Conservatives to approve CCSVI. In Nova Scotia, Conservatives are "imploring" the governing NDP to fund studies. In Alberta, it's reversed. The NDP are advocating for the governing Conservatives to fund studies. In British Columbia, the NDP Health critic has written to the governing Liberals to fund studies.

In Ontario, the governing Liberals are refusing to fund studies. Ditto for Manitoba NDP. Does anyone know what's happening in other provinces and territories?

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has agreed to fund studies and has said he will raise this at the meeting of Premiers this week. At least he is doing something. But, all this talk of studies is a long way from actual treatment.

All the while, we're caught in their political games. Just get on with it!

At least, we have their attention. We need to keep up the pressure.
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