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Postby nicknewf » Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:37 pm


sorry if I was overbearing there. Full disclosure, I'm here because my wife has MS, and I have been helping MS Liberation . ca in my free time; they put me on to TIMS, and my wife's pending treatment in less than 3 weeks. For my own sanity, I need to stay positive about this for just a little while longer. The SIRS statement on wanting to trial the treatment was uplifting for me after the MSSC and the CIHR put the kibosh on things in Canada federal funding wise.

I'm still very nervous about things. Even amoung the IRs who are doing this treatment, there seems to be a significant amount of disagreement on how to do it best, and different methods expose different risk factors. Post op care is a real concern for those of us travelling for treatment, but the risk of continued MS progression while waiting is a [bigger concern]/[also a big concern].

Scorpion, I hope you are well, and that this CCSVI both turns out to be the help you need, and that you can get it when you want from the best doctor.
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