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Postby vivavie » Tue Aug 31, 2010 7:36 am

Because I have a stent I had a Doppler done at westmount square imaging in Montreal in July. A very presomptuous tech told me he had done many with an "improved" technique vs Zamboni and was not getting the same results (duh!)

Results: 100% normal veins (flow)

12 days ago I had a venogram in the states:
Block stent: candy wrap fashion
left jug: 70% stenosis
right jug: 50% stenosis
Azygos: kink/ irregularity

I don't think there is a willingness "yet" to adhere or prove CCSVI, at less in Quebec...

Big loss of time and energy and emotions, wondering if I was imagining things (doubts:(

I would not go anywhere they are not excited about CCSVI (and training) otherwise it just reinforces their beliefs.
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