Test now treat later. Do what we can now.

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Test now treat later. Do what we can now.

Postby NZer1 » Fri Sep 03, 2010 6:33 pm

I posted this on Dr. S's thread, and I think it is worth some action while we wait for treatment to get IRD approval.
Hi everyone. Dr.S I am keen to get testing for all happening now, as a first step and let the experts sort out the treatment detail. It seems to me that we have enough data to prove CCSVI and MS are common together for PwMSers. Enough reports of symptom improvement, especially when compared with DMD'S and other options. Not allot but enough to pump for testing knowing the treatment detail will happen.
I believe that we PwMSers need to focus on getting the one thing going that we can achieve right now.
Testing and setting up a data base with results and an assessment of symptoms and disability.
At this point in the process of getting Treatment ok'ed we could be more proactive with getting training and equipment up to scratch and getting that happening either through Insurance and or Government Health systems. At first the Govt will likely baulk.
The likely hood of treatment happening is inevitable, the need to get the wheels turning for testing is NOW.
What a yah think.
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