Sign up for a CCSVI trial!

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Sign up for a CCSVI trial!

Postby L » Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:21 pm

Sign up for a CCSVI trial!

Providing you are aged 18-55 and don't have primary progressive MS (and don't mind the chance of sham treatment) this could be for you

details here.
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Re: Sign up for a CCSVI trial!

Postby Cece » Mon Sep 06, 2010 3:42 pm

L wrote: (and don't mind the chance of sham treatment)

Be aware that the chance of sham treatment is 1 in 3, so 33% chance of sham, 66% chance of treatment. The trial will continue for a year. This is not for everyone or for the weak of heart! There are many options now of doctors who are directly treating, so you remain more in control and can seek secondary treatment appropriately if you think you are restenosing or were undertreated (we are hearing reports of undertreatment as well as potential clotting). Dr. Mehta's trial is specifically recruiting for people who are local, although I do not know how far from Albany is still considered local. Please consider all your options carefully. I want us to both support Dr. Mehta in this large-scale, 600-person trial while doing what is best for each of us individually.
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