Make sure the right veins are being looked at

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Make sure the right veins are being looked at

Postby pklittle » Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:46 pm

I reported this in the tracking thread and in the "post if it didn't work" thread.
I thought it would be beneficial for others if I posted it here too, as this could happen to anyone.

I have learned that my second venogram was INCORRECT. The doctor was in the WRONG VEIN... he thought he was in the left IJV when in fact he was in a smaller vein next to it. Sooooo, my left jug is not messed up with a small portion and a bunch of collaterals. I have been thinking it was for about a month.... quite stressful. At this point I do not know what is next for me, if anything.. I am still communicating with my doctors.
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The wrong vein

Postby Rosegirl » Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:43 am

How much experience did your doctor have with CCSVI procedure before you came along?

I believe I was undertreated at Georgetown and, although they ballooned my azygos, I have seen no improvement. They are no longer doing the procedure since they got so few good results. This was in July, and although the doctor seemed very conservative, he was the only experienced game in the area. I was about patient no. 30, so I gambled with him.

Now I have to find another place. I'll be looking for a doctor who has at least 50 venograms under his belt! And I'll be sure to ask his success rate before I schedule my next procedure.
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Postby blossom » Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:09 pm

geesh, so sorry to hear about this mistake. really feel bad for you. it takes a lot of thought to decide to do this and then there is a "boo boo" like this! "boo boo's" are not bad maybe if you dial the wrong number or something. but the wrong VEIN? there are risks with this that we were all willing to take but i never thought about a dr. going in the wrong vein. scarey!

did i understand or misunderstand that it messed up the veins by doing this?

please keep us posted. and the very best to you with dealing with this dilema.
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