Odd sensations Post-Angio Anyone?

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Odd sensations Post-Angio Anyone?

Postby MegansMom » Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:26 am

I was just wondering if any of you that have had an Angioplasty have any odd ball sensations. Not MS symptoms, but fleeting odd "head" sensations.

My daughter Meg had some typical early MS symptoms pre-angio- "foggy" head, terrible headache, fatigue, l'hermittes sign, facial paralysis, etc.
These are all gone.
The IR found a double "candy wrapper " twist in her azygos which was tough to get open but he was patient and was able to get it open and flowing without any reflux, also a partially blocked L IJV.

Post-Angio all the previous symptoms that still lingered disappeared. And she is 1 month post procedure. She feels great, and has more energy than she had for months before. No headaches, no fatigue, no bad feelings.

About 1-2 weeks post-procedure she started having what she calls "rushes". An odd sensation that lasts split seconds. She says they are like a short circuit with extra juice. Some days she has a few and some days none. They are not painful or oppressive or electrical in nature. She said they are like "clear" head feelings, like when you sniff some things that clear the head- like ammonia (without the ammonia) They are less than a second in length. They occur randomly day or night, not co-rrelated with activity, or food or environment or stress.

The doctor (IR) doesn't think they are related with a restenosis. He cannot explain them. She hasn't had a neuro appointment since her "Liberation". I am sure that even if we find a CCSVI believing neuro, no one really knows what this is. This is uncharted water.

I am just wondering if anyone else has had these type of feelings/sensations?

Of course I would love to believe it is tissue now recovering from years of low grade hypoxia and debris being bathed in oxygen-rich, glucose rich blood and inflammation/damaged endothelium healing. We will know some day.

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar experience(s)?
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Dx with Type A CCSVI- 1 IJV & double "candy wrapper" appearance of her Azygos
Venoplasty done Sept 21, 2010
Doing extremely well-
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