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MALTA for CCSVI treatment - Essential Health Clinic

Postby Trent » Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:40 am

CCSVI Treatment now available in Malta
The Essential Health Clinic are proud to announce that we are collaborating with an eminent Italian CCSVI surgical team headed by Professor Oscar Maleti, University Teacher at Second Level Master at the University in Ferrara in Advanced Vascular Surgery, managed by Professor Zamboni, and in conjunction with the Saint James Hospital in Malta.

We have secured dates for our first eight patients to be treated and these are being offered to patients who are on our waiting list for the full procedure, including Doppler Scan.

We will first be contacting patients who are on our list awaiting for the Intervention Procedure by seperate email, in the order they are on the list. If none wish to take up the Maltese appointments, then we will offer them to our full waiting list.

The price for the complete hospital procedure only (payable directly to the Italian Group via a link we send you) is €9,500. This does not include flights and accommodation.

Saint James Hospital, Malta
The Saint James Hospital provides outstanding medical services, ensuring a high rate of patient satisfaction and is ranked amongst the top healthcare organisations in the Mediterranean. It also has a reputation for innovation and excellence and an outstanding patient/nursing ratio of 3:1.
The friendly and experienced team of customer care staff are available to assist patients and visitors with any special requests that they might have. Further services are available in order to ensure maximum comfort possible to both patients as well as to visitors.
If you are looking for an outstanding quality of medical care and want complete confidence in the treatment outcome, and in an environment that feels safe and familiar, then the Saint James Hospital is the perfect choice for your CCSVI procedure. You can guarantee that they will take good care of you.

We are in the final stages of establishing an Essential Health Clinic with Saint James hospital, and in the meantime we are delighted to be collaborating at the highest level with this very distinguished team

The procedures will be performed by Professor Oscar Maleti and his team at the Saint James Hospital in Malta

Professor Oscar Maleti

Professor Oscar Maleti is an eminent vascular surgeon well known at world level for the profound venous system surgical interventions. He is head Physician of the Vascular Surgery Division of the Hesperia Hospital in Modena. His Division has been elected among the 10 best Vascular Surgery Centers worldwide, recommended for the training of vascular surgeons and for the excellent performances in the surgery interventions on the profound vascular system. He is working in team with Professor Marzia Lugli, Doctor and International Specialist in venous angioplasty intervention.

Professor Maleti is also a University Teacher at Second Level Master at the University in Ferrara in Advanced Vascular Surgery, managed by Professor Paolo Zamboni. This is the only Master dealing specifically with CCSVI advanced surgery organized throughout Europe AND under Professor's Zamboni supervision. Most important, one of the three modules of this Master will be organized in Malta, c/o St James Hospital, therefore expressing at best the main objective and mission to spread medical knowledge

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Postby Lodovico » Mon May 09, 2011 2:46 pm


I'm one of those 8 patients treatd in Malta by the equipe of Prof. Oscar Maleti. I've been affected by ms for 7 years. The first six years was a RR form, then, since last july, it became a progressive form. I was not on a wheelchair yet,but I had problems in walking (I needed a shoulder of someone else to hang ). How do I feel now? I'll post two videos.
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