Dr. Zamboni's response to the BNAC press release

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Dr. Zamboni's response to the BNAC press release

Postby Cece » Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:41 pm

(from the CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis facebook page)
(original Italian here: http://ccsvi-sm.org/?q=node%2F854 if any of our Italian-speakers can add to the translation) :)


Some clarification of inaccurate information disseminated in the media, in particular the April references to the study of Dr. Zivadinov published in Neurology.

CCSVI has every right to be considered among the causative factors of MS, having been seen in 60% of pediatric forms of MS

The published data had already been released in 2010 and then considered unsupported data.

The study conducted by researchers at the University of Buffalo and published in Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology April 13, 2011. ( www.neurology.org ), the relationship between CCSVI and MS, is attracting a lot of noise, but the news needs to be clarified.

And that is that the study disproves the theory of the relationship between MS and CCSVI, emphasizing the fact that MS is not a cause but a consequence of MS.

The study published in Neurology, confirms the results of last spring, in fact the study and the data contained in it are the same as advertised by a press release in spring 2010 and defined data unsupported.

The data coincide with those presented April 14 at the 2010 Live Web Forum in Toronto, organized by a National MS Society and attended by Prof Paolo Zamboni, director of the Vascular Disease Center, University of Ferrara and discoverer of CSSVI, Dr .Zivadinov Robert University of Buffalo, Dr. Andrew Common, radiologist at St. Michael's Hospital University of Toronto, and Dr.Aaron Miller, professor of Neurology and Director of the MS Center at Mount Sinai in New York. During the live web forum, broadcast live on 5 continents by doctors and patients, and these four experts in the room that scientists had considered the study of Buffalo as a confirmatory study, data analysis and indeed led to state CCSVI that was also a negative prognostic factor in the course of MS.

We must therefore read the data in a different light.

The data emerging from the study by Professor Zivadinov, does not detract from the work of Professor Zamboni, but contrary to what is erroneously reported by other media sources. The data instead strongly supports that CCSVI has every right to be included in the idea of multifactor accepted by all scientists, including the causative factor of MS having found in nearly 60% of pediatric forms of MS and in almost 40% of people with clinically isolated syndrome (CIS). Obviously it is difficult to consider the CCSVI a consequence of MS even when it is presents in pediatric MS.

Press office: Rossini Francesca Manfredini - Laboratory of Words

Translated from original Italian
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